Northern Lights of October 24, 2011 in Michigan

October 25, 2011

Marquette Northern Lights, October 24, 2011, photo by Shawn Malone / Lake Superior Photo

Last night Michigan was treated to an amazing show of Northern Lights as the skies exploded in red, green, white and even blues and yellows of the best display of the Aurora Borealis in years. Our Michigan Northern Lights Log and Flickr group lit up with photos and reports.

There were places you would expect – Marquette, the Keweenaw Peninsula, Escanaba – but also reports from literally EVERYWHERE in Michigan: Bath, Bellaire, Big Rapids, Blanchard, Clare, Charlotte, Charlevoix, Clark Lake, Coldwater Lake, East Leland, Frankfort, Fostoria, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lapeer, Leland, Leelanau County, Lenawee County, Marquette, Mecosta, Mikado, Mulliken, Ottawa County, Onsted, Pontiac, Petoskey, Reading, Saginaw, Stockbridge, Tecumseh, Traverse City, Unionville, Whitehall & White Lake. People even checked in with reports from Pittsburgh, Indiana & Ohio.

Shawn took these shots last night near Marquette. She writes that she went back to the car to change lenses and the sky just lit up. Check the photo out bigger and see more stunning shots from last night in her jaw dropping northern lights of 10/24/11 set on Facebook! She’s got some with amazing reds. You can also purchase photos at!

Much more on the Northern Lights from Michigan in Pictures!

123 Responses to “Northern Lights of October 24, 2011 in Michigan”

  1. neophytesserendipity Says:

    Wow. That is simply beautiful. i hope I get to see one like that someday in person. :)

  2. Andrew Says:

    And I missed it again…

  3. check it out and i love it it happen last night !!!!

  4. […] high of 77 was set in 1989 with the low of 23 notched in 1949. The big news from last night was an EXPLOSION of Northern Lights that was seen all over Michigan. The forecast for today calls for rain (maybe a thunderstorm) with highs in the upper 40s. Expect […]

  5. […] display was one of the finest in a decade and was part of an EXPLOSION of Northern Lights that was seen all over Michigan! Comments […]

  6. […] See original article: Northern Lights of October 24, 2011 in Michigan « Michigan in Pictures […]

  7. Kevin J. Says:

    There was an awesome display in my backyard with the sky an eerie red. I live in southwest lower Michigan near the Indiana border. It’s the first time I’ve seen them in person and I was doubly treated to an extremely bright meteor as well. AMAZING

  8. Lis Says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! Wonderful picture! I have seen the Northern Lights several times but never so vivid. Wish I could have been in the area to see them personally. Thanks for sharing!

  9. EternalForms Says:

    love it! awesome capture!

  10. Jay Says:

    You could also see them in pinconning and standish michigan

  11. Jules Says:

    I grew up in the U.P. and the Northern Lights up there always will remain a fond memory…out in the country, there is nothing better. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! :)

  12. TisaLira Says:

    just beautiful!

  13. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. makingup3000 Says:

    Beautiful. I wish I could of seen it in person!

  15. What an awesome photo! Thank you for sharing, I shared this to my fb page. Great photography.

  16. That picture is awesome….I thought it was computer generated until I read the blog. Would have loved to see that in person!

  17. That picture is amazing! I have to see one of these someday.. thank you!


  18. Truly a spectacular picture. How often do the Northern Lights appear in Michigan.
    Definitely would be worth a drive as coming from Toronto is not too far ;)

    nice post

  19. Simply beautiful! I can’t wait to see the Northern Lights somewhere someday :)

  20. Thomas Says:

    Beautiful and fascinating! I hope to see the Aurora Borealis in person someday.

  21. JL Says:

    Wow… I lived in Michigan for years before and I never knew you could see the Northern Lights from there. I always thought you actually had to go to the North Pole. Shows how ignorant I am…

  22. Number Six Says:

    Phenomenal photo!

  23. Wow! I’ve never thought about visiting Michigan but sure an interested now. Beautiful!

  24. Erica Leduc Says:

    I just moved 11 Miles outside of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and saw the Northern Lights for the first time! They didn’t cover as much of the sky as here in the picture, and we got mostly the greens and reds!

  25. HoaiPhai Says:

    Very cool photo! I live in Niagara, Ontario and saw on the morning of Oct. 25 a very strange multi-coloured cloud right beside a rainbow. At the time I attributed the colours to some sort of rainbow effect but after hearing about the aurorae, I’m beginning to wonder if it might not have been aurora as a background to a rainbow.

  26. GG Says:

    “Beautiful can’t describe it and I cannot think of any…

  27. elizabethweaver Says:

    beautiful…thank you!

  28. ailsapm Says:

    Just gorgeous. Top of my list of New Year’s Resolutions (yes, I’m planning ahead) is to see the Aurora Borealis in 2012. Thanks for sharing this photo.

  29. This was beautiful (artificially though)
    thanks for sharing!

  30. Anne Schilde Says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Wow one of my life’s wishes is to see aurora lights for myself! =) That’s so beautiful.

  32. Fabulous! How I would give to see such a sight!

  33. ela83 Says:

    wow! so beautiful :)

  34. hootoo2011 Says:

    No one can reject its beautiful

  35. jayrama Says:

    Nice to know. I thought it can only be seen in Canada, Scandinavia and Russia…

  36. abichica Says:

    woooowww!!! that picture is amazing!!! :-D

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  38. Rachel Says:

    Wow. I was 17 or 18, at UPBC, right there in the U.P. and the Northern Lights appeared one night. My friends didn’t wake me up, because they didn’t want to “disturb” me. It’s been 15 years, and I still haven’t seen the Northern Lights. I’m going to see them someday, though.

  39. Wonderful pics – your post made me check out what’s going on here and what I’m missing. It’s just poss that I might catch some of this here this north in UK at the moment (and I’m sleeping through it!)
    Thanks for sharing this wonder

  40. Scott Says:

    Truly remarkable.

    Question: were these photos taken with slide or print film, or were they from a digital camera?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  41. Capt Zigzag Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to see an aurora first hand.

  42. Niki Fulton Says:

    So lucky. Its my dream to see them this good. Wonderful photos.

  43. It’s a really great photo. Brings back great memories of when I lived in Minnesota as a child.

  44. k8edid Says:

    So beautiful. I miss Michigan very much – wish I could have been there to see that.

  45. Growing up, the Northern Lights were a normal occurrence. I’ve lived in MI 11 years and have never seen them here; I heard on the news that I’d missed them …drat. Sure glad you captured their beauty – stupendous photos!

  46. Joe Says:

    It is truly breathtaking isn’t? I had the pleasure of living in Anchorage, Alaska for a few years while I was in the military and was treated to this phenomenon many times over and it never got old.

  47. Stunning. Lived in Michigan all my life, but never had the chance to see the Northern Lights. You blog brings back happy Michigan memories,

  48. melissakoski Says:

    It was an amazing show! Thanks for sharing.

  49. melissakoski Says:

    It was an amazing show! What a great evening surprise.

  50. steviegill Says:

    Amazing shot. I’ve seen the Northern Lights in Iceland, but I never realised you can see them from time to time in Michigan.

  51. Ibi Says:

    so beautiful

  52. Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures! I’m a “”, down in Grand Rapids and missed them entirely! :( But through your photos I was able to enjoy this awesome phenomenon. I have become a follower of your site – Michigan is the BEST state in the union!

  53. Wow! Awe-inspiring picture! I never imagined northern lights in Michigan… I suppose I kind of always thought of it as an arctic thing…;)

    I’m also really into photography, feel free to check out my blog : :)

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  54. starlight Says:

    that’s awesome.. love your photo

  55. Kristina Says:

    This is a beautiful picture!! I’ve never seen Norvern lights, hopefull one day! :)

  56. That’s nice work! Beautiful scene.

  57. Photos that will make this memory last and last

  58. lifexistence Says:

    “Added to list of things to do: Visit Michigan some time during October.”

  59. merry203 Says:

    That is just WONDERFUL!

  60. Spectacular! I read my children the news article yesterday about how far south the lights were seen…amazing! :)

  61. it looks amazing! wish i could see it real life!

  62. Beautiful picture – would love to actually see them one day!

  63. thoraaron Says:

    This is incredible, I almost forgot this happens. Do they predict it? I want to see one.

    not for tourists…

  64. ABSOLUTELY breathtaking. Thank you for sharing!

  65. Beautiful photograph of the Northern Lights!

  66. Slamdunk Says:

    Fantastic catch!

  67. Nature truly is a magnificent piece of art. :-)

  68. Jef Holbrook Says:

    That was my birthday! What a great sight.

  69. So beautiful :D
    thanks for sharing

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  71. Dounia Says:

    Wow, that’s absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures.

  72. Jessie Says:

    beautiful! i would love to be able to see this in real life sometime!

  73. Benny Says:

    That’s really pretty! Others have expressed this sentiment and I also want to throw in my hat with them: I want to see this in real life one day!!

  74. Jodi Says:

    I plan to see this someday on one of my travels. Nature, isn’t it beautiful??


  76. That is so cool! My girlfriend saw them in Grand Rapids (I was out of town). That is a spectacular picture

  77. pnwauthor Says:

    Fantastic. If anyone deserves to see the Northern Lights it’s the Midwest after all the challenging weather it experienced in 2010. I moved to NW Washington (State) and hope to see the Northern Lights at some point.

  78. farlane Says:

    Wow. Thank you all for the likes and kind words!!

  79. Ohhhh I’m so glad one of these photos made it on Freshly Pressed!! I frequent the UP a few times a year and it is SO beautiful. I have yet to see the Northern Lights yet but it’s been on my bucket list as I know they come around up in Michigan. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog :)

  80. Misty Says:

    It’s so beautiful. It would be great to see something like that in person…

  81. Gods Warrior Says:

    OMG!!! These pics are so epic!!! for my blog!!!

  82. Amazing, I had to share this with my friends on FB.
    One day, I should witness that too, personally.
    But I associate aurora borealis with cold, and I hate cold… ;)

  83. One of these days I’m going to have to see the Northern Lights. They look too amazing to be real!

  84. These shots are so lovely… I keep hoping that I will catch these bad boys in person, someday!

  85. asoulwalker Says:

    I have seen the lights many times in Alaska… this brings back fond memories.

  86. Lucky :)

    And about all I get to see in the sky areound here is a Haboob.

  87. Littleskew Says:

    Stunning! So beautiful!

    Would love to see the Northern lights

  88. newsy1 Says:

    Cool pictures. My brother lives in Traverse City and he sent me some this morning, although they are not as good as yours, he was all excited. He used to see them when he lived in Alaska and said there was no comparison.

  89. Arnt Inge Nilsen Says:

    WOW, nice photos there, r u an photographer ?

    – an norwegian guy at 16 years asking, check out my photos and say what u think about them, :D

    thanks :D

  90. […] Northern Lights of October 24, 2011 in Michigan ( […]

  91. That is so beautiful!

  92. chameleonic Says:

    gorgeous photos! congrats on being featured!

  93. Jakob Says:

    Love the norther lights. One day I have to see them in person but Australia doesn’t have em

  94. Jan Simson Says:

    I have never seen northern lights before in person! I want to someday… hopefully…
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  95. Awesome pics and congrats on freshly pressed!

  96. QQ Says:

    So jealous. I didn’t even know it was possible to spot the aurora in Michigan. Perhaps if I did then it would’ve saved me the trip to Iceland; which was a complete bust for aurora spotting.

  97. CanisRaris Says:

    Its amazing ,i want this in my coutry….

  98. gaycarboys Says:

    who knew the northern lights occurred in Michigan

  99. Chris G. Says:

    God was I sad I missed that beauty…but I had to go and move out to Colorado when I did so, I suppose it’s my own darn fault.

  100. I live in Mississippi. The 24th was my 60th birthday. I had just purchased a fire opal talisman from an online artist that is a glimmering combination of red-orange with green fire highlights. I put the dog on the leash and walked outside. In the one spot where I can see the sky through the trees, I saw below the stars the very color of my talisman. I literally stood with my mouth hanging open and my mind racing through possibilities of what I was seeing. It was so beautiful and alarming that I emailed a local forest ranger to ask if the forest I live in was on fire. Only the next day did I discover what it was. It gave me goosebumps on my head! My birthday wishes from the Universe!

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  102. gaycarboys Says:

    Stunning. ho knew the lights could be seen from michigan

  103. duskuie Says:

    Mysterious but gorgeous.

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