I chased the sun tonight

I chased the sun tonight, photo by Todd

If you were up at 4:51 AM this morning marking summer solstice, you have a long day ahead of you. The longest of the year in fact! More about the summer solstice at EarthSky and I hope you enjoy today and your summer!

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Strawberry Moon by kevins stuff

The Clark Kent Moon of June, photo by Kevin

June’s full moon takes place this Friday, the 13th. That convergence last happened in 2000, and you superstitious folks can breathe easy as it won’t happen again until 2049.

Regarding the June moon’s delicious name, the Farmer’s Almanac says:

The month of June’s full Moon’s name is the Full Strawberry Moon. June’s Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit.

It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe (where strawberries aren’t native).

I checked and the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market is reporting they have strawberries, so I assume the rest of the state will soon follow suit.

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Lilacs on Mackinac Island

Lilacs on Mackinac Island, photo by Steven Blair

While lilacs are starting to wind down around the state, they’re just getting going on Mackinac Island. The annual Mackinac Island Lilac Festival started last weekend and continues through Sunday, June 15th. Here’s a few tips courtesy the Lilac Festival and Jeff Young, Lilac Curator at the University of Vermont Horticultural Research Center, Master Gardener and presenter of the “Walk and Talk with Lilacs” program during the Lilac Festival.

  • Common Lilacs need to have 9-12 canes for each 6 feet
  • Leave at least 2 feet between mature Lilacs.
  • Plant new shrubs 16 feet apart (circular shape)
  • Allow for a few more canes if you are planting as a hedge with less depth.
  • If you have too many canes, consider the oldest canes for removal first, leaving good spacing between canes.
  • If not enough canes, pick one or two of the best suckers each year until there are enough.
  • Once the Lilac is established, consider adding one new cane and removing the oldest cane each year to create a vigorous, healthy full flowering plant.

More at the Lilac Festival website.

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Summer Dreams

March 8, 2014

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams, photo by Miss Sydney Marie

Anyone else dreaming of summer?

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Sunflower in Fog

February 22, 2014

Sunflower in Fog

Sunflower in Fog, photo by guizhou2012

I know that lots of you are wishing for summer and 70 degrees.

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Pure Relaxation

Pure Relaxation, photo by Jessie Eileen

We interrupt this winter to bring you a special announcement from summer:

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
~John Steinbeck

View Jessie’s photo of Miner’s Beach at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore background big and see more in her dreamy Upper Peninsula: Summer 2006 slideshow.

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Going for the gold

August 31, 2013

SUP'rs ... going for the 'gold'

SUP’rs … going for the ‘gold’, photo by Ken Scott

It’s hard to believe that Summer 2013 is almost in the books. I hope you’ve had fun and that you get a chance to grab a little more “summer gold” this weekend!!

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Ludington State Park beachhouse

Ludington State Park beachhouse, photo by R.J.E.

This page from the DNR has a vintage photo of the beachhouse.

Visit Ludington tells a little about the historic Beach House at Ludington State Park.

The Beach House has a long history of weathering the changing Michigan seasons within the Ludington State Park. This landmark has now received a makeover, and it’s a real showplace for the state park system. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935, the Lake Michigan Beach at 116 ft. long and 35 ft. wide, has been a familiar sight for visitors to Lake Michigan within the State Park.

…The Lake Michigan Beach House is unique in nature due to the fact it is the only Arts-and-Craft inspired design bathhouse found on the shores of Lake Michigan. Also of significance is the role the CCC played in its construction–from architect Ralph B. Herrick to all the CCC workers who built the Beach House from recycled brick and pressed mortar. This style has not been found at any other state park in Michigan…and it is the largest and most intact of the CCC-built structures within the Ludington State Park.

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July 19, 2013


Sizzle, photo by corinne.schwarz

I think this squirrel accurately reflects the feelings of many of us following a week of sauna-like conditions. The squirrel is heat dumping, shedding maximum heat by flattening its body. You can see some more examples of this in the hilarious Squirrel Pancakes photo group.

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Formal Day at the Beach 2012

Formal Day at the Beach 2012, photo by flambedude

Staying safe at the beach? There’s an app for that. The Great Lakes Echo recently reported on myBeachCast, a smartphone app that gives you beach information:

Although drownings appear to be on track to fall from a record high in 2012, the overall trend from the past several years have seen consistent increase, according to the Great Lakes Surf Commission. The hazard warnings on the app informs users when and where there is a potential for dangerous rip currents.

In addition to the hazard warnings, the app will continue to feature lake temperature, beach locations and other components.

“The app is GPS enabled to allow a user to discover local Great Lakes beaches based on their location, save favorite beaches and view real-time information [on conditions],” said Christine Manninen, communications director of the Great Lakes Commission.

The app will hopefully reduce drownings, she said.

“Having the information at their fingertips gives people a better chance of making smarter decisions to protect their own health and safety and their family’s.”

Jonathan writes that this photo was taken at Formal Day at the Beach, a yearly event in Grand Haven where people dress up and get into Lake Michigan and swim around looking fabulous. If anyone knows when this is in 2013 please post it in the comments! Jonathan just let me know that Formal Day at the Beach takes place this year on Sunday, July 28th at 2pm.

Check his photo out bigger and see more in his Formal slideshow.

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