Looking Towards Ford Field

Looking Towards Ford Field

Looking Towards Ford Field, originally uploaded by ifmuth.

Nice shot of how Ford Field sits amidst the city. It’s not an “out in the boonies” field like the Silverdome was but right in the heart of Detroit.

The photographer also has a great shot of Woodward Avenue that shouldn’t be missed.

Here’s another view of Ford Field that lets you zoom waaaay in.

detroit sunset

detroit sunset

detroit sunset, originally uploaded by osotracie.

Well, I was going to take a day or 2 off from the Detroit / Super Bowl XL watch but this photo said Hold on there buddy, you aren’t going anywhere.


In the Ruins, In the Dark

Urban Love

Urban Love, originally uploaded by SNWEB.ORG Detroit.

In the coming week, we’ll all be hearing a lot about the decay of Detroit’s classic buildings. SNWEB.ORG Detroit does a fabulous job of chronicling this. At least as cool (in my opinion, a lot more) are his great night shots of the Motor City including ones like this.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t like to have other people blog his photos, so to see them, either go to Flickr or click the banner above. One of my favorite features on his web site are the Then/Now pictures of Detroit buildings., but with things like listings of Detroit architects and lists of buildings they designed (some with photos) and an excellent gallery of public art photos, it’s really hard to decide.

Pistons Basketball!

Billups has the sweet shot

Billups has the sweet shot, originally uploaded by farlane.


My family & I went to the Detroit Pistons’ game with the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night. Chauncey Billups & co. turned it on just under 3 minutes to move the Pistons to 36-5 (and make us really happy!).

My favorite shot of the night is this one of a young but very happy fan.

The Spirit of Detroit


The Spirit of Detroit, photo by Global Reactions.

One of Detroit’s most recognizeable landmarks is the Spirit of Detroit.

Lauren supplies the scripture behind the Spirit on one of her photos of the statue: “Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty” II Corinthians 3:17

Fans of the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings and even the Tigers know that when their team plays for or wins a championship, the Spirit will don their uniform. Lions fans are as yet unsure if the tradition applies to them… The Spirit also wore a jersey to honor Super Bowl XL.

Marshall Fredericks, the sculptor who crafted the Spirit of Detroit and other public works in Detroit & Michigan. Fredericks was a man who felt his art was a civic duty and said this about it:

I want more than anything in the world to do sculpture which will have real meaning for other people, many people, and might in some way encourage, inspire or give them happiness.

UPDATE: I was in Detroit and got a few photos of the Spirit (including some decent detail shots and a shot of the plaque).

UPDATE 2: Check out this cool photo of the Spirit of Detroit from One Foot Over the Moon.

Knocking Down Motown

...and you are not it.

…and you are not it., originally uploaded by UrbanTiki.

We’ll start our run up to the Super Bowl with this photo of the demolition of the Motown Records Headquarters building in Detroit on January 21, 2006. You’ll also want to check out this shot of the building on the evening of January 20th.

SNWEB.ORG Detroit adds:
Our mayor couldn’t stand the broken windows and marred facade so he got it to be torn down for 15 or so spaces for the Super Bowl. What’s sad is that this historic building designed by Albert Kahn is in great condition, and they left everything inside, lobby details, motown papers, marble, etc.

UrbanTiki is Bobby Alcott, a photographer and founding member of UTATA (which looks like a really cool organization).

Old ford


ford, originally uploaded by argusmaniac.

Great shot of an old Ford. Here’s hoping that Ford (and Michigan’s auto industry as a whole) can rise from the ashes.

If you click the photo, there’s some discussion and links to what the year of the model might be.

Old boat

Old boat

Old boat, originally uploaded by Robin of Loxley.

Pere Marquette Lake, Ludington Michigan. Drive around the back side of the Father Marquette memorial and you will find this little gem.

He tweaked the photo in Photoshop. I can’t decide if I like this or the original photo better. I guess it’s good that both are available…

Church In A Puddle

Church In A Puddle

Church In A Puddle, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

Great shot from Grand Rapids for a Sunday.

The Purple and the Green

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf, originally uploaded by exa.

What can I say?