The Men’s Ward at Building 50

Mens Ward at Building 50

Men’s Ward Facade, photo by mstephens7.

Building 50 is an amazing and rambling building that is part of the old state mental hospital in Traverse City, Michigan (which is now being redeveloped as The Village at Grand Traverse Commons).

View Building 50 B&W Enhancements (Set) and check Michael’s blog for more Building 50 pics and information

Michael lives in Indiana but spends as much time as possible in Traverse City.

6 thoughts on “The Men’s Ward at Building 50

  1. This is Traverse City, Michigan in pictures? You show only part of an old dilapidated mental institution as your sole picture depicting this area? Are you an excapee from this institution?


  2. Aloha,

    Hey, i’ve been plenty and this place will freak ya out. If you know the history about the building then you know whats gone on in there. And its knida freaky. I want to beable to go down in the tunnels and building at night so i can see if this place is haunted or not. So this is a definent place to visit when you came up to Traverse. Love the pictures. There kinda freak me out though.



  3. I’m glad Blg. 50 is getting the redevelopment it deserves. It is the centerpiece to a beautiful 300 acre campus. It is not “freaky” or haunted. It, like hundreds of state hospitals around the country, are remnants of the evolution of mental health treatment. I spent many hours there when it was an abandoned, forgotten, and ignored closed institution. I’m a little sad the secret is out but glad it is getting a new life. To complain that one would show only Building 50 as a depiction of TC is interesting to me. I don’t need to see anymore pictures of West Bay, sailboats, or Cherries. Give me more of the Grand Traverse Commons.


  4. My great grandmother was instutionalized here for over 50 years. I would love to see the place before it is completely demolished/redeveloped.

    By the way, my grandparents on the other side of the family lived in Traverse City (the house was on the bay) and I spent many summers up there. I absolutely love the area. Do they still celebrate Cherry Festival?


  5. They’re less than 1/2 way through redeveloping the Commons, so there’s plenty of time.

    It’s a gorgeous setting and yes, we do celebrate cherry festival! – July 3-10, 2010 this year!


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