Cold Afternoon at the South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse, originally uploaded by Oldhamer.

It’d be hard to find a better introduction to Flickr’s Michigan Lighthouse Group than this photo by Oldhamer of the South Haven Lighthouse taken in December of 2005. He notes that the top walkway allows keepers to get to the light when the bottom is covered with ice.

Be sure to click the photo to get to Flickr, then click the “ALL SIZES” link above the photo to see the detail on the ice on the light. While you’re at it, check out some of Oldhamer’s other pics. The detail shots he has are very nice.
If you get the urge to visit South Haven, be sure to check out the Michigan Maritime Museum.

5 thoughts on “Cold Afternoon at the South Haven Lighthouse

  1. This is where I first kissed my gorgeous gal Raquel here.

    Fantastic memories, all my senses were on fire.

    Thank you for the epic journey Raquel.

    Love ya Ricco


      1. Wow!!!! It sure was Raquel.

        I’m sure we will have more fun on our epic journey.

        Where next?

        Ricco x


      2. Don’t forget those Ricco and Raquel T shirts for the journey. Picnic hamper packed and ready for our next adventure.

        Let’s go girl
        Ricco the adventurer xx


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