Wide-Eyed and Alone

Wide Eyed and Alone at fayette

alone5, originally uploaded by whitewaves.

The photographer says that this photo was part of a series of photos taken on New Years Eve afternoon.

Fayette is located in the Upper Peninsula (on Big Bay De Noc):

The Jackson Iron Company founded the town in 1867 for the sole purpose of extracting iron from the ore being mined in its iron mine near Negaunee. The site was chosen for the limestone, the small but deep natural harbor, and the immense stands of hardwood on the entire length of the Garden Peninsula.

By 1891 the hardwood on the peninsula was gone and soft coal was replacing charcoal in the smelting process. It was no longer profitable for the company to run Fayette. The furnaces went cold and the town slowly became deserted.

The town site is now a State Park. Also see the Historic Fayette Photo pool.

4 thoughts on “Wide-Eyed and Alone

  1. I’m from Michigan but don’t live there anymore. That’s a beautiful picture. I have some pretty Michigan pictures too, I’ll share them if you’d like. :)


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