Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin, originally uploaded by tgrabb.

I had no idea where this photo was taken, but Tom (the photographer) posted to let me know it’s in Perkins, Michigan (just north of Escanaba).

8 thoughts on “Winter Cabin

  1. Looks familiar, this is my family’s cabin since 1968. It was built in the 1920’s by a bachelor fellow from Minneapolis. He stayed there year round at times.

    I am sure there are some pretty interesting storie that those walls can tell. I know I have many more are with me for good!


  2. It was built by emil casmir in the 20s. He was born on the north road at the family farm. I can’t tell you of all the good memorys i have of staying there.


  3. Great comments, never thought when I took the picture that I would ever get to know anything about the cabin. Very cool. Thanks Kurt Thanks Anthony


  4. One of the best memories is laying on the top bunk watch the light rings from the cook stove dancing on the ceiling. If you leaned over and looked out the window, you could watch the deer feed just out side the windw on the left side.


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