The Spirit of Detroit

January 26, 2006

The Spirit of Detroit

The Spirit of Detroit, photo by Global Reactions.

One of Detroit’s most recognizeable landmarks is the Spirit of Detroit.

Lauren supplies the scripture behind the Spirit on one of her photos of the statue: “Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty” II Corinthians 3:17

Fans of the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings and even the Tigers know that when their team plays for or wins a championship, the Spirit will don their uniform. Lions fans are as yet unsure if the tradition applies to them… The Spirit also wore a jersey to honor Super Bowl XL.
The Detroit News has a detailed profile of Marshall Fredericks, the sculptor who crafted the Spirit of Detroit and other public works in Detroit & Michigan. The feature includes some excellent photos and information about the statue, artist and his other works. Fredericks was a man who felt his art was a civic duty and said this about it:

I want more than anything in the world to do sculpture which will have real meaning for other people, many people, and might in some way encourage, inspire or give them happiness.

UPDATE: I was in Detroit and got a few photos of the Spirit (including some decent detail shots and a shot of the plaque).

UPDATE 2: Check out this cool photo of the Spirit of Detroit from One Foot Over the Moon.

4 Responses to “The Spirit of Detroit”

  1. “where there is GOD there is LIBERTY?”


    tell that to the Iraqis & Rwandans.

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    ThisCanadian ~~~

    We, two, form a Multitude ~ Ovid.
    “Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced”


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