Photos from Super Bowl XL in Detroit

Ford Field by Ian Freimuth

Superbowl XL, originally uploaded by ifmuth.

This dynamic photo from Ian Freimuth is one of a number of photos of Super Bowl XL shared in the Absolute Michigan group and in the Super Bowl XL photo group. He’s also got a great up close shot of Ford Field.

One highlight more Michiganders of the Super Bowl was that it was Detroit native and Pittsburgh Steeler great Jerome Bettis’s final game. Here’s a short video from the NFL that begins with one of the coolest tributes I’ve ever seen.


Confetti Flies

Celebration, originally uploaded by ddurbin123.

Steelers win, confetti flies

Be sure to check out these other shots from Dave Durbin (he also has about 180 more of Super Bowl weekend in the Motor City):

Halftime Rox- Start Me Up!

Start Me Up

Start Me Up, originally uploaded by CAVE CANEM.

Race Bannon writes: I could have reached out and touched him.. He was one of the folks who got free admission to the Super Bowl … though only for halftime.

Be sure to check out Bobby Alcott’s gallery from Super Bowl XL as well.

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