Fire exit

Fire exit

Fire exit, originally uploaded by Nathanael.Archer.

The above photo is part of a nice set of photos of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan that look to have been taken in 2000-2001.

3 thoughts on “Fire exit

  1. I looked at the photos that you posted on your website. Having been a long-term, on again off again resident of Grand Rapids, I wonder if the photographers have all taken the same class at the local Junior College. Mind you, this was not intended to be criticism, but rather a wholehearted inquiry into the intentions of the website.
    While I don’t doubt that the peppers at the Farmer’s Market in July are as vivid as those portrayed in the photots, I also would like to know if your artists have searched any further than the safety of their own back yards to find photogenic subjects. Try it, oh fledglings. You might be surprised.
    Kent County’s documented past can be dated back to the indigenous peoples of 2000 or more years back. Although Singapore’s demise and current value might be of more interest to people in the market for real estate, the real history of our area goes back to pre-history. One can only assume that Allegan County and other neighboring burgs have a similar history.
    You may not be able to build high-rise condos on the flood plains of the Grand River, but God bless you for trying, especially in the face of economic adversity. But don’t let that stop your quest. Who needs a thing like history for a lesson in learning when we have a wide-open future to conquer?


  2. I’m not sure what you are asking.

    The photos on Michigan in Pictures are from all over Michigan, using all kinds of cameras and styles and subjects. If it’s the result of a Junior College class, all I can say is: “That’s one heck of a class.”


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