Pinhole: Law Quad in the Snow

Law Quad in the Snow

Pinhole: Law Quad in the Snow, originally uploaded by Matt Blackcustard.

I’ve waited far too long to blog one of Matt’s photos.

Next Thursday we’ll be starting what I hope will become a regular feature of multi-day encounters with Michigan photographers. Our first featured artist will be Mr. Matt Callow aka Matt Blackcustard, and we’ll be asking Matt some questions about his remarkable work. We hope that you will give us some questions to ask of him as well. Just post a comment below or e-mail your question to us.

Click for more about our Michigan Photographers feature.

4 thoughts on “Pinhole: Law Quad in the Snow

  1. How long have you been at photography?
    What cameras do you use?
    What kinds of post-production, if any, do you favor?
    What’s your favorite story behind a photo?


  2. For Matt:
    What is your overriding philosophy behind your photography?
    What photographers have influenced you?
    What photographers do you currently keep up with, photography-wise?


  3. Do you feel that digital is cheating ? Why ?

    Also, why do you use Live Journal as your main platform for posting photos rather than a blogger or other platform ?




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