Experiment in Repetition

March 22, 2006

Experiment in Repetition

Experiment in Repetition, photo by The Steppenwolf.

The Steppenwolf says “Mosher Jordan Hall mailboxes, sepia toned … Unfortunately, these mailboxes will be removed summer 2006 when the hall gets “renovated” *cough* destroyed *cough*.”

One Response to “Experiment in Repetition”

  1. Liz Says:

    I stumbled upon this photo. It brings back memories of same at Stockwell Hall, Mosher Jordan’s next door neighbor, where I “stayed,” 86-87 school year. I still have the piece of paper I got upon arriving with the combination on it, which allowed me to open my mailbox. Although Stockwell Hall was indeed the “virgin vault” for which it gained its reputation (and I am not kidding), the architectural charm of the place at times made my time/sentence there worth it nevertheless. Thanks for the photo.


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