Michigan Theatre Detail

Michigan Theatre detail

Michigan Theatre detail, photo by I am Jacques Strappe.

Marjorie says "Worth looking at big, the detail on this building is amazing."

On Monday (April 10, 2006) Marjorie will be the subject of our second Michigan Photographer Profile. We'll ask her some questions about herself and her photography and look at a bunch of her pictures.

Michigan Photographer Profile II

Prequel: Michigan Theatre Detail

Day I: Michigan Photographers: Michpics Talks with Marjorie O'Brien

Day II: Michigan Photographers: Marjorie O'Brien Answers Reader Questions

Day III: Michigan Photographers: Marjorie's Favorite

6 thoughts on “Michigan Theatre Detail

  1. This is the one in Jackson right? I just went there yesterday and wished I had a longer lens with me. My first impression was that it was drab compared to Ann Arbor’s, but the detail really shines here.

    What was your gear for the shot?


  2. Marjorie,
    You’ve recently returned from a trip to Austria and have been to Canada and a variety of states. What is your impression of Michigan after seeing a little bit of the world?


  3. Majorie,

    Great work! I love the exquisite detail that’s visible in your work.

    My question(s) for you is, how much of an impact has your father had on your photography? i.e., would you consider him to be a major influence? Thank you.


  4. Marjorie,
    Nice shot. I like the light and sky which contrast the detail.
    The marquis reminds me of the Warner Theater in Torrington.

    Love, Bob


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