Michigan Photographers: Marjorie’s Favorite


Goats, photo by I am Jacques Strappe.

This photo, taken earlier this year, is of the two goats at Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor. Cobblestone Farm is a historical landmark in Michigan, conveniently located quite close to my house. Besides the beautiful house, there are a couple of barns and other structures on the property. It always has something great to photograph, whether it’s the animals, the mid-1800s architecture, or the historical reinactors who can be seen quite often during the spring, summer, and fall. These two goats seemed happy to see me and my dad and practically posed for us. The backlighting gives the appearance of glowing halos.

Thanks to Marjorie for doing a fantastic job as our second profiled Michigan photographer!

Michigan Photographer Profile II

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4 thoughts on “Michigan Photographers: Marjorie’s Favorite

  1. Beautiful photo Marjorie. The backlighting is amazing and the goats have an air of wise joy around them (though that could just be something they ate).

    Thanks for being such a good sport and have a great last few weeks of school!!


  2. A very excellent photo. Animals tend to be hard subjects, always moving at the very last second. The goats were probably hoping you had something to eat.

    It was good to meet you Marjorie through Michigan In Pictures. Much success!


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