A cove

A cove

A cove, photo by ReynaTerror.

This photo of Miners Castle in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore was taken just about one day after the right turret fell into Lake Superior.

Compare this shot with this photo by Lars Jensen on March 7, 2006. You can read a bunch more about the collapse of the Miners Castle turret on Absolute Michigan.

3 thoughts on “A cove

  1. I am closing in on 50 years old…and I remember standing between the two towers at Miners Castle as a kid–probably 10 or 12. I turned around and experienced such fear at the height and lack of restriction–I was terrified. But I want to go back…and see her as “she, too, has aged!”
    Andrea Lingaur


  2. In the summer of 2000 my husband Dave climbed up atop of the north turret and sat down so i could take his picture. It is one of my most favorite pictures of him. I have it in an 8 x 10 frame now. If you want to see it look it up in my family and friends album on facebook. There was no way to post it here, or I would have.


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