Tulip Time :: Holland Michigan

2005 Tulip Time 09

2005 Tulip Time 09, photo by msprague.

Tulip Time is coming! Holland, Michigan may not have fields as big as those in the region it is named for, but they do have windmills and wooden shoes.

Tulips are neat because there are pink tulips and white tulips and tulips that aren't sure what color they are. You can find tulips that are elegant in their simplicity, tulips that are extravagant and wild and tulips on fire. You can watch people on parade or tulips on parade.

The Archives of Michigan have a great photo from Tulip Time in 1931 and say that on April 26, 1927, Lida Rogers spoke before the Woman's Literary Club of Holland suggested planting tulips in every yard to enhance the beauty of Holland. Today, Tulip Time is one of the 5 largest festivals in the United States!

May 6-13, 2006 is Tulip Time in Holland … have fun, but don't succumb to tulip mania.

If you have a photo of Holland's Tulip Time that isn't linked here, please add a link in the comments below!!

6 thoughts on “Tulip Time :: Holland Michigan

  1. A very colorful field of tulips. I have several color slides of the famous tulip field in Holland. That was equally colorful and impressive.


  2. Thanks for linking to my pics. I don’t mind at all. Tulip Time was neat to attend last year in Holland, Michigan.


  3. If you’re a tulip lover, the annual Holland Tulip Time Festival is a must-see event. Excellent! The website I’ve listed has an extensive collection of images from Veldheer’s garden and the beautiful tulips found there.


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