HDetRoit, photo by UrbanTiki.

UrbanTiki says:

Detroit, Michigan. As viewed from Windsor, ON, Canada.
Better viewed large, and on black.
BEST viewed at original size.

"HDR" is High Dynamic Range and you can read all about it in this Wiki article about HDRI. They show some sample images, but for my money, UrbanTiki's collection of HDR images absolutely blows them away.

3 thoughts on “HDetRoit

  1. This is one of the best skyline photos I’ve seen. It’s better than NY and the one close to home, Denver. (Skyline photos of Denver are a bit unimaginative.)


  2. Bobby Alcott (aka UrbanTiki) linked to How to Get Great Colors, an article by photographer Ken Rockwell. Rockwell writes (in part):

    People see my work and wonder how I get such saturated colors. Here’s how.

    Most people never see colors like this because they live indoors, work in an office, drive to and from work, and live in a house. These colors happen outdoors in nature. The peak color, which are the shots I show, only exists for 60 seconds at most, if it happens at all, any given day. I’ll make series of images, and only one of them is at peak color.

    I take a long time to find colorful things at which to point my camera. This takes an artist’s eye and a Saint’s patience. No amount of equipment or playing in Photoshop can duplicate it. It takes me a long time to find things that look wild.

    Bobby found the article inspiring – maybe you will too.


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