Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Soldiers & Sailors Monument, c1903

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, Detroit MI circa 1903 (LC-D4-16495)

According to the very cool site Panorama of Old Detroit by Jim Moran:

At the top of this 1871 monument to Civil War veterans is “a colossal personification of Michigan as a semi-civilized Indian queen menacingly brandishing a sword with her right hand and clutching a shield with the left.” (From an 1870’s Michigan History.) …

At the bottom of the granite monument roost four bronze eagles. On the next tier are four figures representing the miltary services: Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Marine. Bronzed medallions of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, and Farragut are spaced between. And, just below the figure of Michigan are four allegorical figures representing Victory, Union, Emancipation, and History.

The plaque on the monument reads Erected by the people of Michigan in honor of the martyrs who fell and the heroes who fought in defence of Liberty and Union. The monument was moved several hundred feet from its original location to Campus Martius Park and a rededication ceremony was held on April 9, 2005.

Wikipedia’s entry on the monument says that the monument was unveiled on April 9, 1872. Attending the dedication were Generals George Armstrong Custer, Philip H. Sheridan and Ambrose E. Burnside. The Detroit Historical Museum recovered the time capsule that was placed in the monument (only a few of the contents survived). A new time capsule was placed in the monument for the rededication and the page from the DHM has the contents and links to the lists of Michigan’s veterans and fallen soldiers.

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