along the dock at lake michigan

June 24, 2006

untitled, photo by puja.

This picture wasn't exactly what I expected when I went looking for the most popular "michigan beach" picture on Flickr from the summer 2005.

Perhaps there's a message in there about respecting the power of the Great Lakes when enjoying them in the summer. It's always sad for me when I hear about someone who got caught in a riptide and drowned while enjoying swimming in the waves.

Water Safety & Rip Currents from Michigan Sea Grant has some great advice for how to avoid rip currents (which apparently grab 40,000 swimmers a year from US beaches and are deadlier than lightning or tornados). They also tell you how to handle yourself if you do get caught in one of these powerful currents: stay calm, don’t fight the current and swim parallel to the shoreline.

One Response to “along the dock at lake michigan”

  1. puja Says:

    thank you for the interest in my photo


  2. Jenny Says:

    Funny! This has been one of my faves for a while. The yellow is just so…. yellow-y and wonderful.


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