Sunset Slacklining

Competing knighting
Competing knighting, photo by xhavier

Sometimes when I dig around for photos, I find other pictures that are totally unrelated to what I am digging for but very cool nonetheless … I think this is one of those cases. The photo was taken at Sherman Park in Sault Ste. Marie, which is apparently a hotbed of slacklining in Michigan.

For more about what looks to be an interesting and challenging pursuit, check out the slacklining photo pool on Flickr, the Slackining entry on Wikipedia and Slacklining information by outdoor photographer Eric Matthes, who writes:

Slacklining began when climbers hanging out in campgrounds became bored and started playing with their equipment. Slacklining develops balance which is helpful in climbing, but that is not the only reason people do it. Far more important is the feeling you get when you experience that moment of perfect balance, when your mind and body are absolutely motionless over the line and all is right in the world.

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