Huron Island Lighthouse

Huron Island Lighthouse

Huron Island Lighthouse, photo by Clyde Elmblad

The Huron Island Lighthouse, constructed in 1868, still stands today atop Huron Island, the second largest island of the Huron Islands chain in southern Lake Superior. The lighthouse was built to guide vessel traffic between Marquette and Pequaming, and between the L’Anse/Baraga and Houghton/Hancock ports via the Portage entry in the state of Michigan.

The lighthouse is approximately three miles north of Huron Point and the Huron Mountains, some twenty miles east of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Graced by regional history and natural beauty, the Huron Island Lighthouse has long been considered a local historic treasure.

More photos (including historical pics) and tons more information about the lighthouse and the island chain can be found at the Huron Island Lighthouse web site. Apparently their web site has vanished – I would appreciate a link if anyone knows it!

Apparently, the Huron Islands area is a great shipwreck dive site as well. This page about the Marquette Underwater Preserve says:

The Huron Islands Unit encompasses some of the most impressive coastline in the state. The shore ranges from sandy beaches to towering cliffs, backed by the scenic Huron Mountains. Much of the diving is done in the clear waters surrounding the Huron Islands, a group of rugged granite knobs rising out of Superior’s depths.

You can get maps and detailed information about diving the area at the Michigan Underwater Preserve Council’s page for the Marquette Underwater Preserve.

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