unusual store

unusual store

unusual store, photo by ralphdagza.

Mill End in Bay City, billed as the World’s Most Unusual Store, is apparently no longer in business.

Mill End

3 thoughts on “unusual store

  1. It makes me very sad that this place is closed. My dad used to take us there every time we visited Bay City, his home growing up. He has now passed away and I feel like this place is a part of my past being erased. I want to cry…


  2. I have a lot of memories of the Mill End Store. My grandpa was the General Manager for many years there. Both my grandpa and grandma retired from there in 1981. Grandpa just passed away 07/14/2006 and I am doing a lot reminiscing.


  3. My father loved that store also, and I took my sons there everytime I went to Bay City. I was there for Tall ships weekend, and was upset when I saw the signs. The store was an icon to the city. This is Bay City’s 3rd attempt to make a building into Condos which is a waste of time considering that the other two attempts failed! I can’t figure out that this city does half of the time, one reason why I left in 1989.


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