Michigan’s Family Album

Photo from Michigan's Family Album

Michigan’s Family Album opens Aug. 5, 2006 and runs through Jan. 14, 2007 at the Michigan Historical Museum. The exhibit features more than 1,200 historical photographs from the collection of David Tinder that explore all aspects of Michigan life from the 1860s through the 1930s. Formats include daguerreotypes, tintypes, stereo views, cabinet cards, large-format photos (including panoramas) and a special display of postcards honoring every county in the state.

While most of the photographs in the collection were shot by professionals, the photo above was taken by an amateur, F. R. Oesterrich of Detroit. It shows a comfortably prosperous family (perhaps the photographer’s own) relaxing in the back yard, probably celebrating a child’s birthday. The ring toss game might be one of the gifts.

Learn more about Michigan’s Family Album from the Department of History, Arts & Libraries.

2 thoughts on “Michigan’s Family Album

  1. Love the picture. Was curious about the pointed hats the children are wearing? A type of “birthday” hat? I have several early 1900’s children’s party pictures but no one is wearing that type of hat.
    Anyone know?


  2. Im examining this photograph for a quick presentation at uni for a module called, “Looking at Pictures: Photography and Visula culture in the USA.” Can you give me any more information about the photo – ie, where it was taken, who are the people, about the photographer etc. Would be greatly appreciated.


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