Waugoshance Shoal Lighthouse

Waugoshance Shoal, Lake Michigan

Waugoshance Shoal, Lake Michigan, photo by katbailey718.

The Waugoshance Shoal Lighthouse is one of only three remaining “birdcage” lanterns left on the lakes and is considered one of the most endangered lighthouses in the world. It marks the western entrance to the Straits of Mackinac and in 1832 was the site of the first Lightship. In 1851, the Lighthouse Board ordered the construction of the Waugoshance Lighthouse. In 1912 the light was superceded by the White Shoals Lighthouse. During WWII, the abandonded lighthouse was used as a practice bombing target, hastening the light’s decay.

Check out Waugoshance Shoal Lighthouse at Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light for much more history and some photos. Also see the Waugoshance Lighthouse Preservation Society for information about what is being done to preserve this lighthouse (and a ghost story).

If you are interested in lighthouses and their preservation, be sure to check out out latest Michigan Site of the Week, the Michigan Lighthouse Fund.

2 thoughts on “Waugoshance Shoal Lighthouse

  1. Ive always wanted to see this majestic piece of history.Im 16 years old at a high school in northern indiana. i visit the mighty mack bridge all the time.waugoshance is a very old lighthouse and i think it deserves an old timers respect. I want to join the coast gaurd and preserve all endangered beacons.This one is my favorite.If it is possible, i would build a small beacon inside the birdcage lantern room and rebuild the outer core with iron plating.And on the aniversery of the edmund fitzgerald, i want it to be lit. 29 rotations and a fog signal blast for each crew member lost. Thank you!


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