Especially in Michigan

Especially in Michigan

Especially in Michigan, photo by prakope.

Labor Day weekend is upon us and this photo is a great way to symbolize the end of the summer tourism season with the fog coming down on the bridge like a big white dividing curtain. What awaits on the otherside? Some things we know for sure. The start of school, the coming of fall, football season… What are your thoughts on pre and post Labor Day Michigan?

From the photographer:

The Mackinac Bridge covered in fog while I drive across taking pictures and trying desperately not to crash into someone.

You can see the color version here.

White clouds I’m in
A mitten full of fisherman
C’mon huckleberry finn
Show me how to make her grin
…well I’m in Michigan

-Especially in Michigan, Red Hot Chili Peppers

2006 Mackinac Bridge Walk

The Mackinac Bridge Walk is an annual event held every Labor Day since 1958 in Michigan in which people may walk the length of the Mackinac Bridge. Walkers are traditionally led across by the governor of Michigan, currently Jennifer M. Granholm. In an average year, 50,000 to 65,000 people participate in the five-mile walk. This is more than the combined population of the two counties connected by the bridge.

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