lake of the clouds, porcupine mountains

lake of the clouds, again

lake of the clouds, again, photo by Apparat-chik.

Sometimes I have to search and search and other times it’s just there. This photo is part of a set that wins “Best Title for October 2006” called If this isn’t “Deliverance,” then it must be Michigan UP. According to his bio, Mike is a brilliant yet reclusive volcanologist residing on my private game reserve on the Kamchatka Penninsula .. or something like that.

The DNR has information about hiking & camping in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (aka the Porkies). You can find more about the area at the Porcupine Mountains Ontonagon Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. In its Porcupine Mountains entry, Wikipedia says that they were named by the native Ojibwa people, supposedly because their silhouette had the shape of a porcupine and that “the most striking geological feature of the Porcupine Mountains is the long basalt and conglomerate escarpment parallel to the Lake Superior shore and overlooking Lake of the Clouds, a continuation of the same copper-bearing bedrock found farther northeast on the Keweenaw Peninsula.”

The park was formed in 1945 to protect the last large stand of old-growth forest remaining in Michigan. The park has an excellent network of backcountry trails for hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing, rustic trailside cabins, campgrounds, swimming and boating areas. The North Country Trail runs through the park.

You have to be happy that this photo is part of the Michigan in Pictures Michigan Fall Wallpaper series!

4 thoughts on “lake of the clouds, porcupine mountains

  1. Thank you for sharing a beautiful photo of one of the most beautiful places in Michigan and on earth.

    For those that never leave the city, or the suburbs and go in search of what this incredible state has to offer, they miss out on gifts of nature and God, like this.

    Again, thank you for helping me to “revisit” my last trip to this slice of “God’s Country” …

    An appreciative “Troll”

    Tom Skinner


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