Upper Tahquamenon Falls in the Fall

October 12, 2006

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, photo by lluusz.

This photo was taken on October 16, 2005. I don’t speak Chinese, but I’m guessing this “上塔库梅珑瀑布” says something about what a glorious sight this is.

3 Responses to “Upper Tahquamenon Falls in the Fall”

  1. jowo Says:

    Seems to be just descriptive. The translator widget on my OS X dashboard translates it as “On tower base plum 珑 waterfall.”

    Of course, that leaves us with a mystery word. Oh, well….


  2. michpics Says:

    I got “tower plum waterfall” when I tried it at a web site. It certainly is a towering waterfall. No phot I have seen yet adequately conveys the size and power of this waterfall.


  3. Joel Dinda Says:

    Yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on getting a picture which actually captures what I see there. But I keep trying.

    All the same, this one’s a great picture; I notice faved it back when it was originally posted.


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