The View (from Sugarloaf Mountain)

The View

The View, photo by I am Jacques Strappe.

Marjorie has quite a few more photos of Sugarloaf Mountain near Marquette.

The Upper Michigan Informer has good information on how to get to Sugarloaf Mountain (just 5 miles north of Marquette) and the trails you’ll find there.

In addition to some history, Hunt’s UP Guide quotes outdoor writer Jerry Dennis from A Place on the Water: An Angler’s Reflections on Home:

“Like many downstaters who attend Northern Michigan University, I was there for the country. . . . Even those places that were most popular gave access to a wildness that is rarely encountered in the Lower Peninsula. A few miles from campus, at the summit of a little mountain known as Sugar Loaf, you could stand on rock outcroppings and look north over the almost frightening vastness of Lake Superior, then turn south and see unbroken hills of forest tumbling inland toward the horizon like bunched rugs. It was country – and this is what I had come north to find – big enough to get lost in.”

FYI, A Place on the Water is a great book if you love Michigan, the outdoors or simple good writing. If you love fall’s beauty, check out the Michigan Fall Wallpaper series!

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