Quiet Motion

Quiet Motion by oldbrushes

Quiet Motion by oldbrushes

This photo from Kirk Park, Grand Haven, is part of a set of photos of Michigan beaches & shoreline dunes. In addition to the fact that it’s a great photo, we’re featuring it because we have an in-depth article on Absolute Michigan today titled Protecting Lake Michigan’s Sand Dunes that explores the threats facing Lake Michigan’s geologically unique sand dunes.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Motion

  1. Hi, these photos are amazing. I’ve lived along the coast just yards from the Atlantic Ocean, just north of Boston, Mass., all my life. But I’m as fascinated about these sea-sized bodies of water as inlanders who’ve never seen them probably likewise are about the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I’ve seen pics of the Great Lakes’ beaches with dunes, shells, surfing-size waves, and landscapes just like those ocean ones I’ve grown up with. Love to find a good book about all this and the Great Lakes, always strangely missing from area bookstores. Thanks for your good work! Gary ~ Boston ;)


  2. Maybe I should write a book like that, eh? I have seen some photography books that have hints of that but nothing that really drives home the beauty and character of the whole thing.

    Has anyone seen one that does?

    Speaking of surfing sized waves, check this out.


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