23 minutes, 39 seconds

23 minutes, 39 seconds

23 minutes, 39 seconds, photo by aragirn

Kyle writes that this photo was taken on the stamp sand beach right outside of Gay, MI in the Keweenaw Peninsula. He has tagged it on a map of the Keweenaw as well and also sent a link to the history of Gay, Michigan (including the smoke stack in the picture). I’m not sure if it makes me happy or sad to learn that this photo was a result of his first experiment with long-exposure night photography.

Note that although I have tagged this photo with the “wallpaper” tag, you have to be one of Kyle’s contacts on Flickr to view the computer background-sized image – make friends!

3 thoughts on “23 minutes, 39 seconds

  1. If you’d like to have this picture as a background, please email me at kwschnei [at] mtu.edu with the resolution that you need.

    Unfortunately, flickr doesn’t allow me allow people to download larger images without also giving them access to the original.


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