Michigan Stadium is Empty Today

As far as the eye can see...

As far as the eye can see…, photo by Trapac.

There will be a ton of stuff all over the place about UM coach Bo Schembechler. I don’t really have anything to add except that he was an illustration of what a person can accomplish if they keep working hard for what they believe in every day, for all their life.

Last Light

Last Light

Last Light, photo by IntangibleArts.

…from the south end of Lake Esau; Presque Isle, Michigan. Sept.06

I was looking for something and then looked at a whole bunch of great photos and then found this one. Hawkins (the photographer) has a blog called Intangible Arts with a post about his September visit to Alpena and the North Michigan woods.

A Little Lomo from Grand Rapids, Michigan

A Little Lomo

A Little Lomo, photo by docksidepress.

Well, this isn’t actually from a Lomo camera, but it certainly has a Lomo vibe.

What the heck is this Lomo, anyway? The best place to find out is at the Lomographic Society International where you can learn about the Lomo’s birth in the LOMO Russian Arms and Optical factory (where the Lomo Compact Automat was born) and subsequent rise to world domination. Almost at least.

Be sure to click on the 10 Golden Rules, where you learn to Take your camera everywhere you go, to shoot from the hip and generally chuck everything you know about photography out the window.

Reading about lomography really made me smile … maybe it will make you smile too.

The Gardener


IMG_9795, photo by William Couch.

Today on Absolute Michigan we unveil a new feature called Michigan Film. This photo is one of many production stills from the first film we are featuring, The Gardener.

Check it out!

Michigan Stadium Official Opening, 1927

Michigan Stadium Official Opening

Michigan Stadium Official Opening

Today’s photo is courtesy the Library of Congress. It’s from the formal opening of the new Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on October 22, 1927 for the Ohio State University vs. University of Michigan football game. The game’s final score: Michigan 21 Ohio State 0.

You can see a TON more photos of Michigan Stadium on Michigan Stadium Story and also see a team photo & info about Michigan’s 1927 football team from the UM Bentley Library including the news account and photos from “Dedication Day”.
Check out ‘Michigan Stadium Official Opening’ On Black courtesy Big Huge Labs!

Get a whole bunch more on Absolute Michigan’s University of Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Football Rivalry page!

LOC: LC-USZ62-127311

This and more UM sports pics from the Library of Congress.

Saginaw, Michigan: place of the sauk

place of the sauk

place of the sauk, photo by gsgeorge.

Today’s post springs from a critique by Lawrence Drouillard of a photo of Saginaw that we posted this spring


Now, I happen to like that photo quite a lot, but it’s certainly not a photo that shouts “move yourself or your business to Saginaw or just drop by for a visit” as a photo like this one by Geoffrey George does. (view larger). Since the other picture is the first thing that pops up on a search for “saginaw michigan photo”, we probably better address that.

The Saginaw Library details the history of Saginaw and says that there is archaeological evidence Paleo-Indian nomads in the Saginaw Valley from 12,000 years ago (some of the most valuable archaeological sites in Michigan are in the area). Woodland cultures including the mound-building Hopewell Indians settled along the Saginaw River. According to the library, name Saginaw is derived from an Ojibway term “O-Sag-e-non” or “Sag-in-a-we” that means “to flow out” and probably refers to the outflow of the Saginaw River into the Saginaw Bay. However, there are also those who believe that Saginaw is derived from Sagina’we’, signifying ‘the country or place of the Sauk’.

The library’s history goes on to explain how the American Fur Company established a trading post on the west side of the Saginaw River after the War of 1812, and how Saginaw City was founded by Norman Little in 1836. Both the article and Wikipedia’s entry on Saginaw, Michigan detail how Saginaw’s easy access to waterways served to fuel growth as Michigan’s massive white pine forests were felled and shipped around the nation in the 1800s. Soon after the close of the lumbering era, a new industry: the auto industry.

In Saginaw, the Jackson, Wilcox and Church Company produced carriages to be drawn by horses, and later produced components used in motor vehicles. This was eventually acquired by General Motors and formed the basis for its Steering Gear division. Additionally, General Motors established foundries and other manufacturing facilities in Saginaw. The early development of automotive production within Saginaw would set the course for the future economic circumstances of the City. (click for photo from the early automotive industry in Saginaw)

Modern day Saginaw has faced major challenges due to manufacturing job loss, but community leaders are actively seeking new industries through initiatives such as those listed on The Saginaw Valley. You will also want to explore the area through the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, the Saginaw Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau and the City of Saginaw, Michigan.

You can see where this picture was taken (along with many more) on the Flickr photo map of Saginaw, MI and also see more photos from the past and modern day in the Saginaw, Michigan group on Flickr. Please also feel free to add your own thoughts on Saginaw or links to more information in the comments!

Braylon Edwards Busts One on the Buckeyes


DSC_0218, photo by Chris Lang.

This photo is part of a great set of photos from the 2003 Michigan v. OSU game. Michigan, led by Edwards and Chris Perry, beat the Buckeyes 35-21 and propelled Michigan to the Rose Bowl.

2006 is shaping up to be even bigger as the #2 Wolverines will travel to Columbus to face the #1 Buckeyes. Over on Absolute Michigan we have put together a massive University of Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Rivalry Page which is packed with history, links, photos, video of this 100+ year old football feud that we think might be the single best page we’ve ever made.

One thing is for sure: Next Saturday, there’s going to be crying in Columbus!

hanging on

hanging on

hanging on, photo by jamelah.

Jamelah wrote this about this photo: I got to borrow a canon digital rebel this week, and I think I’m officially converted to dslr worship. Yeah. I don’t know if they’re getting this back, without first having to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

I think I’m in the “keep hanging on” camp.

Peninsular Paper Co.

Peninsular Paper Co.

Peninsular Paper Co., photo by argusmaniac.

On the Huron River in Ypsilanti.

Election Day 2006

Election Day 2006

Election Day 2006, photo by paulhitz.

Paul Hitz writes:

November 1988 I voted for the first time, I turned 18 about 2 weeks before election day and couldn’t wait.

I’ve always thought that these stickers were great conversation pieces to talk to co-workers and strangers about the elections. Some got washed some I didn’t get, the rest ended up here on my mirror as a reminder.

I don’t take my Right to vote for granted.