Polaroid Transfer | 2

Polaroid Transfer | 2

Polaroid Transfer | 2, photo by brad|gillette.

Brad Gillette is a photography student and portrait photographer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He’s also the guy who’s going to help Michigan in Pictures break through its “horizontal format bias.”

I think that this is Brad’s favorite photo from his cool set of polaroid transfers. His work is also available for purchase!

2 thoughts on “Polaroid Transfer | 2

  1. Thank you for posting my image! I appreciate all of the “exposure” I get! While many of my silver-based black and white prints are available for sale, my Polaroid transfers, sadly, are not, as at this point I do not have access to the neccesary equipment on a regular basis (hopefully I soon will).

    Thanks Again!
    – Brad Gillette

    p.s.: The most effective solution to the horizontal bias is to pick up a vertical grip and shutter release for your camera. It made an astronomical difference in the way I compose my images.


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