Van Dyke: Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park

Van Dyke: Elizabeth Park, photo by Matt Blackcustard.

It’s been a little while since we’ve blogged one of Matt’s photos.

This one was taken with a modified Voigtlander brilliant pinhole (apparently the pinhole was not standard). It is a Van Dyke brown print, which you can learn about here and here. One of the things I learned is that the process was named for the resemblance of the print color to the brown oil paint named for the Flemish painter Van Dyck.

Elizabeth Park is on the Detroit River in Wayne County and has the distinction of being Michigan’s first county park.

2 thoughts on “Van Dyke: Elizabeth Park

  1. Thanks Andy!

    Elizabeth Park is a lovely park with an old fashioned air. It reminds me of a Victorian English town park, complete with wrought iron bridges, promenades, water features, and the anomalous sight of giant lake freighters passing in the background…


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