Saying Goodbye to President Ford

Museum line

Museum line, photo by Hilarywho.

This picture shows people waiting in line to sign the President Ford condolence book at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids (Dec 28, 2006). Below are some more photos that you can click to view. Also see President Gerald R. Ford – 1913 – 2006 on Absolute Michigan and the Gerald R. Ford photo pool.

Ford was a University of Michigan manMotorcadeCondolence bookI remember that hatFord Presidential MuseumFord, RelaxingNice smile

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to President Ford

  1. Cool site. I just discovered it today. I was surprised to see one of my shots here. The one with “God Bless America” written on the American flag and three U of M flags in the background. Just want to notate a correction. It’s captioned “Tribute at University of Michigan”. Actually, the photo was shot the day after former President Ford died at the Gerald Ford musuem in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The display was among other momento’s left at the museum wall.



  2. My apologies for not posting a note on the Flickr page. I had always intended to post one … never got around to it!

    I changed the caption and am glad you like our site!

    In unrelated news, I seem to have lost the links on two of the photos – if anyone can give me one or the other, that would be appreciated!


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