orange star car from the 2006 Detroit Auto Show

orange star car

orange star car, photo by Boston Fan in Michigan.

This Dodge Challenger concept car was the star of the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. It’s also part of a fantastic set of 2006 Detroit Auto Show photos. In addition to her camera, Sam brought her friend Dave (a “car fiend”) along and he offers commentary on the pictured cars. For this one, Dave says:

This car is an interesting design exercise. Unlike the new Mustang or Chevrolet’s Camaro concept, this design really does nothing to evolve the 1970s original. If Dodge produces this car, the response will be quite telling about the progression (or regression) of automotive design.

Dodge Challenger buffs might enjoy the Dodge Challenger home page, complete with history, photos and TV and magazine ads.

More coverage of the 2007 North American International Auto Show at Absolute Michigan.

PS: We’ll be posting an article on Absolute Michigan a little later this morning tomorrow with multimedia featuring this car and some other views from last year’s auto show that you have to see!!

Here’s the link to Detroit Auto Show Multimedia on Absolute Michigan! (be sure to check out those panorama tours at the full screen size – they are amazingly cool!!)

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