Detroit Public Library Mural

Detroit Public Library

Detroit Public Library, photo by DSPII.

Mac also has a photo of the exterior of the main branch of the DPL.

I searched and searched for information about this mural and found nothing, even at the Detroit Public Library web site. I did find several more pics from the library at DetroitFunk. Still, if anyone knows the tale of this mural, I would love to hear it!

6 thoughts on “Detroit Public Library Mural

  1. Sorry, no info online,
    but we have artist info, history, and even the original tryptic (sp?) of this mural in the Art & History department as well as Burton Collection at Main Library, 5201 Woodward in Midtown Detroit.

    PS: may we use your photo?


  2. i think…
    title – “MAN’S MOBILITY 1855”
    done in 1965 by painter John S. Coppin

    and i have to say, it’s ridiculous the museum doesn’t have any information about these murals online…


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