.closed for the season.

January 27, 2007

.closed for the season.

.closed for the season., photo by tEdGuY49.

According to the tags, this photo was taken along US-23 in (or near) the town of Oscoda on the Lake Huron shore.

I kind of sat on this photo for a couple weeks as I had just blogged one from Ted. Looking back through the pictures from Ted that we’ve featured, I realize that he has a special gift for seeing the bright things.

3 Responses to “.closed for the season.”

  1. Joel Says:

    Indeed he does. Indeed he does.


  2. lee fleming Says:

    This is a great photo — the second I saw it I knew exactly where it was since my husband and I spend our vacations in Oscoda (where my parents live) every summer. I just love the way this photo is framed.


  3. Rossco Says:

    Mia Tiki resprt just south of Oscdoa maybe one mile. Excellent locationa and excellent owner, They sponsore (or have in the past) a Jet Ski race during the summer. Seems to be successful. Very quite area and BEAUTIFUL sandy beaches. A tad cold if your not used to Great Lakes water temps, but other lakes lie just north and Tawas Bay to the south


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