.closed for the season.

.closed for the season.

.closed for the season., photo by tEdGuY49.

According to the tags, this photo was taken along US-23 in (or near) the town of Oscoda on the Lake Huron shore.

I kind of sat on this photo for a couple weeks as I had just blogged one from Ted. Looking back through the pictures from Ted that we’ve featured, I realize that he has a special gift for seeing the bright things.

3 thoughts on “.closed for the season.

  1. This is a great photo — the second I saw it I knew exactly where it was since my husband and I spend our vacations in Oscoda (where my parents live) every summer. I just love the way this photo is framed.


  2. Mia Tiki resprt just south of Oscdoa maybe one mile. Excellent locationa and excellent owner, They sponsore (or have in the past) a Jet Ski race during the summer. Seems to be successful. Very quite area and BEAUTIFUL sandy beaches. A tad cold if your not used to Great Lakes water temps, but other lakes lie just north and Tawas Bay to the south


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