Looking Back on Detroit’s Super Bowl


Winterblast, photo by Allan M.

Allan’s photo of the brightly lit Detroit Winter Blast festivities was the most popular photo for “Super Bowl XL” on Flickr.

I’m wondering one year later, how you think the Super Bowl impacted the city of Detroit. I asked someone the other day what they recall and (to my less than surprise) they took home “Jerome Bettis is from Detroit“. Did it make a difference for the city of Detroit and Michigan? Post your thoughts in the comments!

You can get a bunch more photos from the 2006 Super Bowl on Michigan in Pictures and read a locker room full of Super Bowl XL articles at Absolute Michigan.

One thought on “Looking Back on Detroit’s Super Bowl

  1. considering I am a Seahawks fan… I would prefer to just forget Super Bowl XL ever happened..

    Haven witnessed that disaster first hand, I can certainly say the city of Detroit was definitely set up to make everyone remember that it was Jerome Bettis’ hometown and the Steelers won before the game was even played.

    nice photos nonetheless.


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