skyed, photo by UrbanTiki.

After a too-long hiatus, we will finally be profiling another Michigan photographer: Bobby Alcott aka “UrbanTiki”, a Detroit photographer. We’ll be asking Bobby some questions next week (Monday through Wednesday) and we’d also like to ask you to give us some questions. Just post a comment below or e-mail your question to us.

You can see more work by Bobby at his Flickr page and also at Bobby Alcott Photography. Check out our past profiles of Matt Callow and Marjorie O’Brien on the Michigan Photographers profile page.

UPDATE: Too-long sadly became just a little bit longer as Bobby and others have had the unfortunate loss of a friend. We’ll be doing Bobby’s profile next Monday – Wednesday (Feb 26-28) and our condolences go out to all the friends and family of  Jeffrey Colby.

5 thoughts on “skyed

  1. Questions?? we don’t need no stinking question, just have him explain.

    1) Nice image location how did you ever find such a location? HA HA

    2) How has Photography help you beat your meth addiction?

    3) What kinda party stores should one “knock over” to get a decent digital setup like his ( & yes grill him about his favorite locations).

    Seriously though… Ask him about… I think you’ll digg his P.O.V.

    Ask him about the decision to make photography his life and the two year journey to being represented by ACME photo!

    Ask Him about the series of events that that led to the “absolute miracle” (Yes that type) of him receiving a Hasselblad w/3 pristine lens for free just when he was thinking of “walking away.”

    In general ask him about putting yourself “out there” and the universe beating a path to your door (for amateurs). Then ask him his thoughts on “shooting for ones self” at least once a month (should interest pros) Specifically how he spent a night in Canada trying to get a moon-shot, while avoiding the man, and how regardless of results its worth it.

    Finally ask him about the “Exposure” group he formed in Detroit and the county wide “movement” to expose “the people” to great photography.


    P.S. I can’t tell you how ‘bitter’ I am this shot made the “MiP cut” but this didn’t! The Other Side of the Bridge

    ‘Clearly’ everyone our host hates all things B&W…

    “Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”


    I’m Out.


  2. Oh that Cave…
    Agree with all his questions (heh) but especially the one (which may blossom into many) about EXPOSURE:Detroit. The story behind Bobby’s efforts to put EXPOSURE together–to get it going, and keep it going–is worth an interview in itself. Looking forward to it.


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