Bobby Alcott Profile next week (Feb 26-28)

Bobby and others have had the unfortunate loss of a friend. We’ll be doing Bobby’s profile next Monday – Wednesday (Feb 26-28) and our condolences go out to all the friends and family of  Jeffrey Colby.

Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality by A Dubs

Distorted Reality, photo by A Dubs

Compuware Building, Campus Martius, Detroit, MI. Alan has a blog called Faded Detroit where he turns his eye (and his camera) upon decay and rebirth in the city of Detroit.

Au Sable River in Winter

Au Sable #040

Au Sable #040, photo by joelmaust.

One of several photos of one of Michigan’s premier trout rivers in winter.

Learn a little more on the Au Sable River from Wikipedia.

NOTE: Minor technical difficulties have delayed Bobby Alcott’s photographer profile – check back tomorrow!

Magic: Ice boating in Michigan


2006_01_20icebt042, photo by gretchdorian.

Gretchen Dorian has a great set of photos from a day of DN ice boating at Indian Lake State Park near Manistique. – makes a great slideshow!

Michigan has a long history of iceboating. The Detroit News’ excellent Rearview Mirror series includes Sailing on Lake St. Clair’s icy winter winds. They write that ice boating or ice yachting began over 4000 years ago in Northern Europe and was a source of entertainment in Michigan lumber camps. DN IceboatThe article also relates what the “DN” you see on so many ice boat sails stands for:

During the winter of 1936-37, in the sawdust covered hobby shop of the Detroit News, master craftsman Archie Arroll along with ice boaters Joseph Lodge and Norman Jarrait designed a racing ice boat they called the Blue Streak 60. Later the craft would come to be called the DN 60, the DN standing for the Detroit News, and the 60 referring to the size of the sail. Howard Boston, whose family remains in the sailing business, helped construct the first sails. (Doyle Boston Sailmakers of Holland)

Ice Boating Timeline reminds us not to forget about the other side of the state and Gull Lake and (as usual) Wikipedia can tell you more about iceboats & iceboating.

Update: I was just sent a nice video featuring Jack Jacobs (owner of Magic) talking about ice boating.

Detroit Tigers Spring Training in Lakeland, Historical Photos

Hank Greenberg and unidentified teammate, spring training 1936

Hank Greenberg and unidentified teammate, spring training 1936*

The above photo is one of many in Play Ball: The Detroit Tigers in Lakeland, an online exhibit of photos from the Dan Sanborn Photo Collection at the City of Lakeland Public Library (they say “be sure to stop by if you’re in Lakeland!”)

The Tigers score!The Detroit Tigers and Lakeland, Florida have had a longer continuous relationship than any other major league baseball team and its spring training home … As the Tigers were moving their spring training headquarters to Lakeland, Dan Sanborn was beginning his career with The Ledger

Over the next seven years, Sanborn brought his camera to Henley Field every spring and captured on film the Tiger teams of Mickey Cochrane, Charlie Gehringer, Hank Greenberg, Tommy Bridges, Barney McCosky, and Schoolboy Rowe as they got in to shape for the American League season. (he returned in the 50s to shoot Harvey Kuenn, Hal Newhouser and others)

Sanborn’s photos of the Tigers evoke memories of a simpler time for baseball before television and big contracts, a time when fans really believed every team had an equal chance to get to the World Series and the cry of “Play Ball!” was still louder than that of “Wait ’till next year.”

Turn on to a tremendous ton of Tiger training tales at Absolute Michigan.

* The Library would love it if some Tiger scholar could identify the ball player with Greenberg.



skyed, photo by UrbanTiki.

After a too-long hiatus, we will finally be profiling another Michigan photographer: Bobby Alcott aka “UrbanTiki”, a Detroit photographer. We’ll be asking Bobby some questions next week (Monday through Wednesday) and we’d also like to ask you to give us some questions. Just post a comment below or e-mail your question to us.

You can see more work by Bobby at his Flickr page and also at Bobby Alcott Photography. Check out our past profiles of Matt Callow and Marjorie O’Brien on the Michigan Photographers profile page.

UPDATE: Too-long sadly became just a little bit longer as Bobby and others have had the unfortunate loss of a friend. We’ll be doing Bobby’s profile next Monday – Wednesday (Feb 26-28) and our condolences go out to all the friends and family of  Jeffrey Colby.

Happy Valentines Day, Michigan!

Duckie Love

Duckie Love, photo by suesue2.

This was the first picture that I saw this morning. Then I went wandering around for an hour or so looking for a picture that would somehow capture the essence of Valentines Day as it relates to Michigan.

Then I looked again and realized that all it is really about is having and showing a little more love, whenever and wherever possible.

Happy Valentines Day, Michigan!