Lansing Photo: A new Lansing photo blog

Sun sets behind Ottawa Power Station

Sun sets behind Ottawa Power Station, photo by Apocaplops.

Erich Zechar, known as Apocaplops on Flickr, has recently started Lansing Photo. He says that after moving to the Capital City, he’s missed the community of photographers that he enjoyed in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti. Rather than sit around and whine about it, he says he’s…

…creating this space to try to bring together people in the area who love Lansing, and love photography. Heck, loving Lansing is optional. Let’s just fill this void, and come together to create something new, something this area lacks and sorely needs.

Erich is featuring photos from area photographers and photo-related events in the Lansing area and also hopes to do photographer interviews and profiles in the future.

Check it out!