Sunrise and ice sheets on Lake St. Clair

Ice Sheets on Lake St Clair

Lake St. Clair, Michigan, photo by radiospike.

This photo is part of a set of photos of the annual ice break-up on Lake St. Clair. Spike writes:

The ice started making deafening cracking noises and “glass shattering” noises as the sun’s first rays hit it. This was probably the last day to catch the ice blowing over from Canada as today was expected to reach 65 degrees.

The ice starts as a sheet on the lake’s surface, forming with days of sub-freezing temperatures. Strong winds crack the ice and break it into large floating pieces. Then the winds push the ice until it hits something to stop it… in this case, the Michigan shoreline. Some of the ice floes were standing 15 feet up in the air. What you see is entirely frozen lake. I’m standing up on the bank in Grosse Pointe Farms where the ice completely shattered and moved the concrete barrier.

Spike says that the Freakish Freeze feature in the Freep inspired his trip to the shore of Lake St. Clair. I confess that the same article has inspired me to keep an eye on photos from that area!

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