Sleeping Bear Dune Rides, 1940

Sleeping Bear Dune Rides, 1940, photo by Fred Dickinson

Sleeping Bear Dune Rides, 1940, photo by Fred Dickinson

In defiance of the weather we’re featuring a super-cool Michigan travelogue from 1949 on Absolute Michigan that begins in the Sleeping Bear Dunes. In addition to a selected of classic travel destinations, you can see the dunesmobiles in action.

Visit the Dickinson Gallery for many more classic photos and information on ordering and also check out Riding the Dunes from the Northern Michigan Journal for more about the Sleeping Bear Dunesmobiles.

One thought on “Sleeping Bear Dune Rides, 1940

  1. I was a dune driver the summers of 1968 and 1969. It was the summer job of a lifetime. I met wonderful people, worked with a bunch of great fellows, enjoyed the beauty of Mother Nature everyday and, on top of that, I received pay for my effort !! It was the type of summer job I will never forget, and now, it is lost to the ages under the protection of the National Park Service. I consider myself fortunate that Mr. Warnes’s dream in the 1930’s became a reality that created jobs all the way through the 1970’s.

    Fearless Freddie Winters 1968,1969


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