Time again for Holland’s Tulip Time Festival


214_1469, photo by pablohart.

As someone who lives near a city (Traverse City) that is inextricably tied to an event (Cherry Festival), I imagine that the approach of Tulip Time can be a bittersweet thing.

According to the Tulip Time Festival web site

The idea of Tulip Time was introduced in 1927 at a Woman’s Literary Club meeting. Miss Lida Rogers, a biology teacher at Holland High School, suggested that Holland adopt the tulip as its flower because of its close ties to the Netherlands, and set aside a day for a festival. She titled her talk that day “Civic Beauty” and spoke at length about the area’s unique sand dunes, its fine trees, safe water supply, pure milk, and ample playgrounds. She advocated planting more trees, and because the Chamber of Commerce was seeking something appropriate, suggested planting tulips in every yard. She concluded with reading a poem, “Come Down to Holland in Tulip Time.”

In 1928, City Council, under Mayor Ernest C. Brooks, appropriated funds to purchase 100,000 tulip bulbs from the Netherlands. These bulbs were to be planted in city parks and other areas. Initial plans called for a “Tulip Day.” Bulbs were available to Holland residents at one cent a piece…

Tulip Time Festival will be held May 3-10, 2008 and features many musical acts, parades, trolley tours of Holland, an art & craft fair, fireworks and of course, klompen dancing.

For more Holland Tulip goodness…
Tulip Time, Holland Michigan from last year on Michigan in Pictures
The Tulip Time group and the Holland Michigan group, both on Flickr
Tulip Time Festival photo gallery from the Holland Sentinel

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