Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II

some cute chicks

some cute chicks, photo by paulhitz.

As is usually the case, I came upon today’s picture in a roundabout way. Stylurus (who seems to know a thing or two about birds) noted that Paul could submit this to the Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II. The Michigan DNR’s page on MBB II explains:

In the 1980s, volunteers surveyed the entire state in a massive effort to record and map in an atlas the birds which breed in Michigan. This information has proved invaluable to scientists and natural resource managers, but there are indications that bird distribution and abundance has changed since this atlas was created.

Starting in 2002, the Kalamazoo Nature Center was contracted to coordinate the creation of a second Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas. The data collection portion of this process is scheduled to be completed in 2008, and its success depends again on the dedication of a corps of volunteers: backyard birdfeeders, hunters, amateur birdwatchers, and professionals.

You can get all the details on this project at the links above and go to the main MichiganBirds.org page for a flock of links to Michigan birding sites.

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