Michigan Shoreline Tour: Grand Mere State Park (and a flying dog)

My dog can fly

My dog can fly, photo by J. Star.

J Star writes:

The boy, the dog and I went to Lake Michigan yesterday, planning to stay until tonight. The forecast called for clear skies and eighty degrees for today…last night at about midnight the storms started. By morning, the thunder was deafening, the tent was afloat in three inches of water, and hail was pounding down everywhere. Needless to say, we packed it in early and headed home.

We did have fun on the beach for about two hours yesterday. Steve seems to think it was worth the drive. You can tell by the sand being joyously flung everywhere, and by the huge gob of it he left stuck to my polarizer.

The DNR page on Grand Mere State Park near Stevensville says that the 985 acre park features magnificent sand dunes, deep blowouts, one mile of Lake Michigan shoreline and three inland lakes behind the dunes in the undeveloped natural area. Both the DNR page and Wikipedia entry for Grand Mere State Park are remarkably scant on information, leading me to believe that with a 1/2 mile hike to the beach, it’s a pretty good place to avoid the crowds. Here’s a Google map to Grand Mere State Park.

Been there? Done that? Tell us or show us what it was like in the comments!

One thought on “Michigan Shoreline Tour: Grand Mere State Park (and a flying dog)

  1. Stumbled across this post by accident on Google and glad I did. We went out to Grand Mere with the dog last year too. It is a pretty park and a great stretch of shoreline for those traveling with dogs. It is very “rustic” and its a bit of a hike to get to the beach. Not recommended for people who are physically unable to climb a few steep dunes. I would also suggest that you do not turn off the paved trail until it veres left near a picnic pavillion and you see a dune right in front of you (that’s the path to the beach). If you turn off on any one of the well worn paths prior to that point, you may get lost.

    Over all, it’s a nice beach, quiet, a long way from traffic, but conveient to I-94 south of St. Joseph.


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