Little Foxes

Little Foxes

Little Foxes, photo by curlyson.

Red fox cubs exploring the world near their den.

The Michigan DNR’s red fox (Vulpes vulpes fulva) page says that a large fox (14 inches high) will weigh only 12-15 pounds and be able to easily pass through a four inch hole.

The Red fox pages at the UM Animal Diversity web are sleeping late this morning but doubtless have great info, photos and fox barks. Wikipedia’s red fox entry has a lot more about foxes and shows their range as covering most of the northern hemisphere.

4 thoughts on “Little Foxes

  1. They’re pretty darn cute. We two baby chipmunks over the weekend. If you think chipmunks are cute, you just can’t even process how cute the babies are. The cuteness just turns your brain into swiss cheese.


  2. There is a family of foxes living under my shed three babies and its mother. Not sure what to do or if anything.


  3. If they’re not bothering you, then nothing.

    If they are, a call to a wildlife rescue organization is a great first call. You can also call your local animal control officer, but things could end badly for the foxes…


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