Soo Locks Celebration, 1905 right up to tomorrow

June 28, 2007

Soo Locks Celebration - 1905

Soo Locks Celebration – 1905, photo by Detroit Publishing Co.

The fantastic American Memory feature of the the US Library of Congress had this picture titled Reviewing stand, Saint Marys [sic] Canal celebration. It was taken in 1905, the very first year of a celebration that continues today: the annual Soo Locks Celebration (also known as Engineer’s Day). It’s held every year on the last Friday of June between 10 AM and 4 PM. For those following along, that’s tomorrow, July 29, 2007.

You can click for a whole gallery of shots from the Soo Locks – Sault Ste. Marie Canal on the St Mary’s River from American Memory, see some photos of the Soo Locks and past celebrations from Joel Dinda and tune into the locks via the Soo Locks SkyCam.

2 Responses to “Soo Locks Celebration, 1905 right up to tomorrow”

  1. Joel Dinda Says:

    June, Andy. June. And thanks for the link.

    The 1905 celebration committee produced a really nice book to commemorate the event; it’s full of pictures like this.


  2. […] On Friday, smiles7 photographed the vessel as she passed through Sault St. Marie on the annual Engineer’s Day. And then they both added them to the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr – how cool is […]


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