Surfing, Michigan Style


Surfing01.jpg, photo by Evography.

Evography writes: Dropping in from the pier, the tricky part is not getting worked right back into the pier.

Check out his Great Lakes Surfing set (slideshow!!) for a bunch more photos, most of which are large enough for your computer background needs!

When you’re finished with that, head over to Absolute Michigan for a Michigan surfing extravaganza featuring tons of Great Lakes surfing videos (including some 1970s footage of folks surfing off this same pier!)

Which I should add is the Grand Haven Pier!

5 thoughts on “Surfing, Michigan Style

  1. I grew up in Michigan and started jumping off the Grand Haven Pier back in 1965 to catch those cold winter swells with my 9’5 CON surfboard. Today I still jump in the water, now with my Mach 7-7, and ride the swells but not in Michigan. Today (several generations now) it is my backyard On Oahu. Once you are hooked your hooked.


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