black cherry ice cream

black cherry ice cream

black cherry ice cream, photo by jenny murray.

Sometimes I feel guilty about just reposting someone’s excellent photo and words without adding anything, but I guess there’s times when there’s really not that much to add. I also feel guilty sometimes when I eat a whole big bowl of ice cream. Anyway, here’s Jenny:

So there was this recipe in the July issue of Traverse magazine for black cherry ice cream, one of the most delightful things ever created, in my humble opinion. The coolest thing about the recipe is that it’s super easy.

Black Cherry Ice Cream

2 cups ripe black cherries, pitted
2/3 granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups heavy cream, whipped
fresh lemon juice (i used lemon zest, but i like lemon-y things)

Mash cherries slightly with the sugar in a bowl.
Fold in whipped cream and add just a squeeze of lemon juice — more if you like your ice cream a little less sweet. P
our the mixture into a container (metal bowl works).
Cover and freeze until firm, beating by hand after 1 1/2 hours.
Let freeze at least 4 hours total.


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